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Dear Friends,

Easter is approaching. In the early Christian church Easter was the center of congregations’ worship calendar. For centuries it was the only Feast Day (Holiday) celebrated in churches. There was no Christmas Eve Service or World Communion Sunday. Easter was a time to remember the most important aspect of Christian life, and that is Christians worship a Living God not a fallen hero in Jesus Christ. However, the Christian Calendar has shifted its focus to Christmas. Many Christians hold the birth of Jesus in more high esteem than the death and resurrection of Christ.
There are many reasons for this shift, but I think there is one reason many theologians do not look at when they ponder this topic. This reason is the date of Easter is always changing. Christmas is always December 25th. Easter can be a number dates, and that can make it hard for Christ’s followers to have focus on the holiday. The exact day of the year that Easter falls on is very confusing. Why is that? It’s based on the lunar calendar, which ties it to the start of spring, and the spring solar equinox. It is the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21st! Why March 21st? Catholic and Protestant churches continue to observe Easter based on the rules of long ago – the exact reason we have these rules has been lost to antiquity. It can’t come before March 22nd or after April 25th. (It could be worse! Easter for the Orthodox Churches can vary by as much as five weeks from ours! That is because Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches tie Easter to the Jewish celebration of Passover, since Jesus was crucified on Passover, which is determined by the Jewish calendar.)
The changeable date can make difficult for people to plan their Easter observances. There is comfort in the variety of dates Easter can fall on. These dates prompt us to consider, just as why the date of Easter moves on the calendar, that the Easter event is a mystery. We do not how Jesus rose from the dead, we just know that it happened. The enigmatic dating reminds us that miracles can not be explained, but they can be appreciated and pondered.
We will celebrate Easter on its date this year which is April 1st. Yes, that is April’s Fools Day. We will have our Sunrise Service (“Sunrise” in name only) at 8:30 AM. A potluck brunch will follow at 9:30 AM (bring your favorite Breakfast food or treat). Our Congregational Easter Service will be at 10:30 AM. We are excited to have you all for every part of our Easter Celebration!

Your Friend,
Pastor Nate

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If you would like to play handbells for Christmas, please join us on Sundays at 4 PM in the choir room. No experience is necessary! Lay Leaders and Greeters are needed on Sunday mornings! If you would like to volunteer, please sign up on the bulletin board in the lobby.

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