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Dear Friends,

Lent is a time of new beginnings. This season reminds us that we are forgiven. Our mistakes have been atoned for, and we can start life anew. Each day we have a chance to make wiser decisions. We can change. Change is something that is happening here at Parkview this Lenten season as well.

On April 7, the Covenant parish will be joining us in Congregational life. We will worship jointly together on Sunday, and live out our faith together everyday of the week. We will be united in Bible study, fellowship events, worship, and committee work. Reverend Patti Moats will be handling some preaching duties on Sundays. We will not be “officially” one congregation at this time. For the time being, we will still have separate Sessions, although there will be times we meet jointly, and we will have separate financial accounts. We do not need to have an official Congregational Meeting, because there is no, as far as Presbytery policy goes, official unification. We will have another time for questions and answers on March 24. This congregation is moving forward in awesome ways. We had over seventy people at our Ash Wednesday service, that is a record for us. I believe there are tremendous things happening here at Parkview, and we are privileged to be a part of it.

I know there are still many questions currently, but we are moving forward. The elders and deacons are working hard together. The leadership at Parkview is doing amazing work at facilitating these transitions. There will be official meetings coming where every congregation member will have a chance to be heard. Please keep checking emails, bulletins, and newsletters for updates on all proposed changes.

Your Friend,
Pastor Nate

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Special Music is needed in the summer months. If you would like to share your musical talents on a Sunday morning, please see Chris Hoffman or Valerie Stone.

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