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Dear Friends,
With summer quickly approaching, I cannot but help to think back to my younger years. My grade school teachers would ask my classmates and I what we did on our summer break. We all responded with the usual answers: camping, vacations, picnics etc. I have not had much of a summer break for close to twenty years now, however this summer I feel that has changed. The Parkview Session has given me the opportunity to do something completely different for the months of June and July. My “summer break” will be an educational experience.
I have saved up two months’ worth of Continuing Education time, and I will be using it at Children’s Hospital. I will be receiving Clinical Pastoring Education.  Most pastors went through this experience in Seminary, but it was not required of me at the time I was in school.  I will be learning about counseling in crisis, and how to pastor when things look the darkest. I have been a pastor for over ten years now. I am beginning to look at what I do well professionally, and where I need to grow. I will gain knowledge and wisdom in this area of my ministry through this time at Children’s Hospital.  I am very excited and nervous about this course.
If you feel you will miss my shining face this summer, you do not have to worry. I will be around the church most days, and I will be preaching Sundays. I will be in the church before class and after class. I will also be reachable by my cell phone during the day (please contact an elder, deacon, or I for it, if you do not have it).
I am already learning a few things even before I take the class. I am learning humility. I acknowledge that there are places in my professional life I need to grow. I want to serve this church family better, and I am ready to take the steps to do that. I am learning to trust more. The schedule is daunting for the next two months, but I trust God will see me through it.  I am also learning endurance. I find myself reacting to situations, and I am not always prepared for them.  I want to be more prepared for the journey God has me on. I know this opportunity will prepare me for the rest of my professional ministry in ways I cannot think of yet.
I think of many fathers of our Faith. Moses, Abraham, and the like all had years of life experience under their belts, however God called them to do something new and challenging. I know I am not alone in this type of venture.  God has something new in store for all of us, we must make that step forward.


Your Friend,
Pastor Nate

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