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Dear Friends,

This holiday season we have so many things to think about. We have parties to plan, gifts to buy, and food to cook. Some us may even have sermons to write. There are many things which can occupy our minds during the months of November and December. I want to spend a little time writing about something which is very important to us during the Christmas Season. We can not have Christmas without it, yet many of us do no think about it. Many of us have it as part of our holiday traditions, if we did not have it Christmas would seem incomplete. It has a history that stretches back millennium. Of course, I am writing about WRAPPING PAPER.

Wrapping paper has its beginning with a people who did not who Christ was, and they did not celebrate Christmas. The Chinese invented paper, and it was not soon after they started wrapping gifts with it. However, wrapping paper disappeared soon after it was invented. The Emperors of China guarded the recipe of paper. They would put to death anyone who would share it. Therefore, wrapping paper was not used for another 1800 years. It was used again in Victorian England. It was used by royalty to make gifts look extra special. Soon, everyone used it to act like the royals did. Now, we throw it away without a second thought.

This season, we must take time to look at everything that is around us. We can overlook something with a history and a meaning. When Jesus was born, many overlooked him. He was born to a poor family in a feeding trough. He was not born to a powerful royal family. Many people expected Jesus to be a conqueror. Instead, he was a son of a carpenter. Religious days, like Christmas, are a time where we need to remember what is important in our lives. We need focus, and we need to make sure our energy goes to what makes all our lives better. Our new lives in Christ are our gifts Christmas and every day.

Peace and Prayers,

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If you would like to play handbells for Christmas, please join us on Sundays at 4 PM in the choir room. No experience is necessary! Lay Leaders and Greeters are needed on Sunday mornings! If you would like to volunteer, please sign up on the bulletin board in the lobby.

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