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Dear Friends,
     By the time you all read this article, I will have finished my course work at Children’s Hospital. It has been a tremendous experience, and I know I will bring many skills I learned from my time there back to Parkview. I hope I am remembered fondly by the people I worked with there. However, I know of one incident I want people to forget.
     It happened towards the end of July. Liam was having some side pain, and Autumn took him to Children’s Hospital. I met them in the Emergency Department. Liam had to go in for x-rays. He did two standing up just fine, but he would not do one lying down. I lied down on the x-ray table, and I hoped he would lie next to me. He did lie down next to me. The technicians asked me to move, so they could line Liam up with the camera. I kept moving my way to the side of the table. I soon found myself out of table, and on the ground. I had fallen off the x-ray table. Thankfully, they got the picture of Liam. Liam turned out to be fine. However, I will be remembered, by some, as the chaplain who fell off the x-ray table.
      We want people to think about us in a good light. We do not like it when people remember our mistakes. We want our victories in life to shine bright over all our flaws. Even great American heroes, like astronauts, make mistakes. Unfortunately, they are sometimes remembered more for their slip-ups than their accomplishments. For instance, Wally Schirra went into space three times, and was the first astronaut to do an outer space “rendez vous” with another U.S. spacecraft. However, he will mostly be remembered for the medicine he took while in space. On one of his missions, he was suffering from a bad head cold. He took Actifed, which was an unknown medication at the time. His treatment and recovery was captured by TV cameras. Thousands of people saw how quick the drug worked in curing Schirra’s head cold, Actifed soon became the leading over the counter drug sold in the U.S.A.
     When Jesus met Zacchaeus (the wee little man), Zacchaeus was probably afraid Jesus would only dwell on his mistakes. However, Jesus helped him down from his tree, then He spent the evening with him. Jesus forgives our past, and Jesus has hope for our future. We should never be worried about what we have done, we should instead be wondering what we can do in Christ’s name.
Your Friend,
Pastor Nate

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